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Mike Locksley Hire Could Become Official As Soon As Wednesday, According To A Report

Once it was announced that Gary Crowton would not be returning to Maryland as an offensive coordinator, the hiring of Mike Locksley to replace became almost a no-brainer. It was rumored as early as Saturday, and despite rumors that Locksley is on campus, we're still waiting for an official announcement that Locksley will in fact have the job. According to Jeff Barker of the Baltimore Sun, that announcement could come as soon as Wednesday as the two sides finalize the financial side of things.

Maryland is nearing agreement on a contract to hire  former New Mexico coach Mike Locksley as its next offensive coordinator, according to to two sources close to the negotiations. Locksley and the school are working out contract details. While the deal is not finalized yet, a press release is anticipated soon -- possibly as soon as Wednesday.

Testudo Times raised an interesting theory that Maryland could be waiting to hire Locksley officially because if he isn't under contract then he can have free access to potential recruits without violating any NCAA rules, but I'd be surprised if that was the only reason why he wasn't signed. I expect this deal to come through sooner rather than later.