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Former Maryland Lineman R.J. Dill Will Transfer To Rutgers

The Maryland Football team is bleeding players this season, as more and more players transfer to different schools for various reasons. Most of the the players to this point have transferred to lesser programs in the lower levels of collegiate football. But some will transfer to equally important programs, and according to Patrick Stevens of the Washington Times, R.J. Dill will transfer to Rutgers. Here is the email that Dill sent to Stevens explaining his decision.

I would like to thank all the coaches who reached out and offered me a place to further my academic and athletic endeavors. However I have decided to finish my collegiate career at Rutgers University.  I feel that Rutgers offers me the best opportunity to better myself as a student athlete.  I am excited to end this college search so that I can focus on getting my graduate degree in labor relations, and look forward to becoming part of the Rutgers football family.

Thank you,

RJ Dill

Dill would have been a key part of the offensive line for Maryland, and it is interesting that he is willing to take the redshirt year off so late in his career.

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