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Rename Byrd Stadium? That's One Way To Give Maryland Athletics More Money

Rick Snider of the Washington Examiner proposes a unique way to get the Maryland athletics department some more money: renaming Byrd Stadium. More specifically: renaming it in the way Kevin Plank seemingly wants to rename it. Yup, if it were up to Snider, Byrd Stadium would be renamed "Under Armour Stadium."

Unlike superpowers LSU or Alabama, who have boosters to write farewell funding, Maryland has nobody other than Under Armour owner Kevin Plank, and he rightfully will want something for it. Something big.

Give Plank what he really wants -- the right to rename Byrd Stadium.

Snider argues that the reference to Curley Byrd is outdated, and for Maryland to really transition into a new era, they need to turn the stadium naming rights completely over to their biggest booster. Really, it's not that ridiculous. Plank already orchestrated a complete re-modeling of the uniforms, and he loans his plane out to the school to travel to hire coaches. What's there to lose, really?