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Randy Shannon Declines Maryland Defensive Coordinator Position, According To Report

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The Maryland Terrapins offered their vacant defensive coordinator position to former Miami head coach Randy Shannon, but it does not look like he will take it. Shannon has reportedly declined the position, according to a report by Jeff Barker of the Baltimore Sun.

Shannon said no to the job because he would have to sacrifice $1.5 million in buyout money from Miami, who fired him in December after a 7-5 regular season. That was too much for him, so he elected to decline the position. Miami gave him a four-year contract in May 2010, so when they fired him seven months later, they remained on the hook for $1.5 million as long as Shannon did not take another position. 

This means the Terps must continue their search to replace former defensive coordinator Don Brown, who abruptly left to take the same position at Connecticut just over a week ago. Had Shannon been hired, the Sept. 5 season opener between Maryland and Miami would have held even more intrigue. Instead, the Terps will need to figure out which person can adequately replace a fixture like Brown.