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Why Doesn't Gary Williams Do Any Recruiting Himself?

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This is your Morning Commute. Additional links after the jump.

The knock on Gary Williams is that he doesn't do a great job of getting the best talent in the area to come to Maryland. He certainly gets the best out of the talent he does recruit, but he just can't get the elite recruits to stay home.

There are a few reasons why that may be. Some of those relate to his feeling about the absolute best players, the guys who will go one-and-done, he does not like guys who are only going to grab a cup of coffee in College Park. But there is no excuse for lack of effort, and it's starting to look like that may be the case.

Greg Whittington is a senior at near-by Oakland Mills. He is about 6'7" and has a similar game to Kevin Durant (I'm not saying he is as good, just saying that is how he plays). He doesn't go to one of the WCAC schools where recruiting pipelines are already established. He doesn't play on an AAU squad with tons of exposure. And he only became a high level recruit (also being recruited by Texas, Georgetown, Clemson and Depaul) this year.

This is exactly the guy Gary should be able to get. He doesn't have all the beuracratic interferences that those other players get. But according to Whittington's coach Jon Browne in an article by Matt Bracken, the Terps aren't interested, but Williams is not involved.

"We talk to [Terps assistant] coach Bino [Ranson] more than any coach," Browne said. "He’s been more proactive in the recruitment than anybody. He’s been to a lot of games, talked to us a lot of times and been with us. I haven’t had any conversations with Gary [Williams], though. I’ve been told that’s not what he does, that it’s his style. I just don’t understand it. We’ve talked to every other head coach.

We can't get a single phone call, Gary? The kid lives 20 minutes away, you can't pop in for a practice? I even attended a practice last week (no kidding). And Browne told me that most of the other schools have been there to practice and games to see him.

I can see missing out on a Carmelo Anthony, who I understand isn't your type of personality. But Whittington is a local kid that will need some solid coaching to reach his potential. He has your name written all over it. Please, make a call.

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