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ACC Tournament 2011: Sean Mosley's Blocked Shot Temporarily Saves Maryland's Season



Barring a miracle run to at least the championship game of the 2011 ACC Tournament (which would require a win over Duke, at least), Maryland's 2010/11 season will end in the NIT, not the NCAA Tournament. But if the Terps do end up going on some sort of magical run, we can point to this play by Sean Mosley as the one where it all started.


Prior to this play, the Terps were in the beginning stages of a collapse that was similar (though not as ridiculous) as the one Virginia had against Miami earlier in the day. The Terps led by 12, but then surrendered two shots and committed a 10-second violation, giving N.C. State the ball down by just seven. On the ensuing play, Ryan Harrow curled out and was open for what looked like a sure made shot. Instead, Mosley leaped in the air and swatted it, which eventually led to a N.C. State turnover. Ballgame.


Maybe this is overly dramatic. The Terps probably would have won anyway, and they probably won't beat Duke in the next round. But at the very least, this can be a confidence booster for Mosley after a dreadful season that he can use to build momentum for next year. That, in and of itself, is a positive.