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ACC Tournament 2011 Bracket And Schedule For Quarterfinal Action

Now that the first round is over, and the top four teams will join the fracas, the 2011 ACC Tournament is officially underway. Save for the outrageous Miami win over Virginia, all of the games went pretty mush as expected yesterday, and in pretty boring fashion. Maybe the games will be a little bit more hotly contested today. here is the schedule.

Miami Vs. North Carolina, Noon, ESPN2: Can Miami ride the wave of yesterday's overtime win over Virginia? Can North Carolina shake off the rust from their first round bye? Will anyone be able to watch this game at Noon? Who is going to answer these questions? Can I just move onto the next game now?

Boston College Vs. Clemson, 2, ESPN2: Boston College is probably in the tournament as of now, but if they lose to Clemson, they make it possible that they could get bumped out of the tournament by a surprise automatic qualifier. The Eagles need to win to keep their tournament resume in tact.

Maryland Vs. Duke, 7, ESPN2: I'm going to be watching this one with my hands over my eyes, peering through my fingers. I'm not expecting a whole lot, but it would be nice for the Terps to be competitive.

Virginia Tech, Vs. Florida St., 9, ESPN2: Virginia Tech is the definition of a bubble team, and they could probably secure their spot in the tournament with a win over Florida St. If they can't pull this one off, then they may need some help.

We'll be updating you on all the games and scores from this stream.