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Maryland Misses The 2011 NIT, Ending 17-Year Postseason Streak



As you probably know by now, the 2011 NIT bracket was announced, and Maryland wasn't on it. Despite 19 wins, including victories over NCAA Tournament teams Clemson and Penn State, the Terps were snubbed in favor of teams like Northwestern, Miami and Dayton. 


The fact that Maryland missed isn't remarkable in and of itself. Fourteen spots were taken by conference regular-season champions who didn't win their conference tournament, leaving just 18 spots for at-large teams. Arguing the merits of teams like Maryland, Northwestern and Oklahoma State is splitting hairs.


But here's what's remarkable: the snub means Maryland will miss postseason play for the first time since 1993, when the program was pulling itself out of probation. This will mark the end of the longest consecutive postseason streak in the entire country ACC. Even Duke and North Carolina had years where they missed postseason play. That stat, more than anything, speaks to the legacy of Gary Williams. He didn't always have great years, but he never had down seasons.