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2011 NFL Draft: Torrey Smith On The Scouting Process At Maryland Pro Day

The Maryland Pro Day for the 2011 NFL Draft was on Wednesday, and the marquee man at the event was wide receiver Torrey Smith. Smith, who is expected to go somewhere between the late-first and early-second round, vaulted further up the leaderboard with a 4.43 time in the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine. He decided to let that time stand and not run it again on Thursday.

That didn't stop Smith from going through the workouts and such. When it was over, Smith had some interesting things to say about the exhaustive nature of the draft process. Via Matt Terl of Redskins Blog.

"You're getting medicals, you're getting pulled, poked everywhere. They find out things about you that you didn't even know were wrong. It's just a big stressful process."    

He's talking about injuries specifically, mentioning one anecdote with Julio Jones in particular. He also said that doctors asked him about some leg contusion that he didn't even know was there, as well as a finger injury that grew back strangely. 

It's pretty crazy, isn't it? On that note, I need to go - I'm being told I have a knuckle protrusion from typing too much. I didn't even know it was there.