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Maryland Vs. Miami Score: 40-27 At Halftime

The Maryland Terrapins got off to a slow start in Miami tonight, and haven't picked up speed at all yet. Maybe in the second half? Maybe not.

The Terrapins are showing a lack of energy and lack of focus. Poor shot selection and missed chances have plagued the team throughout the first 20 minutes of action as the Terps trail the Miami Hurricanes 40-27 at halftime.

The Hurricanes are shooting over 50% from the field, while the Terrapins are hovering around just 32%. The normally consistent Terrell Stoglin and Jordan Williams have each scored eight points for Maryland in the first half. Williams has also chipped in five rebounds, so he's on course for another double-double, but that's hardly among the top concerns for Gary Williams and his team tonight. A win would ensure that the Terrapins would finish the season with an ACC record of .500 or better. That's the goal tonight.

Malcolm Grant is leading the Hurricanes with eight points, while Reggie Johnson has contributed an impressive 10 rebounds already.