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Getting To Know Your Incoming Maryland Basketball Recruiting Class

Maryland's basketball season is over, and it ended a lot sooner than we would have hoped. But it's never too early to start looking ahead to next season. There are three members of Maryland's 2011 Basketball recruiting class, and the guys over at Testudo Times have spent the past few days getting to know each one.

Today, they covered Nick Faust, the highest ranked player in the class. Here is what they had to say about the lanky scorer from Baltimore.

Faust is a premier, big-time scorer with a confident attitude, great length, and a deadly shot. He's a bit on the thin side and still needs to get more consistent with most parts of his game, but his scoring ability is uncanny and gives him an extremely high ceiling.

We'll introduce the other two prospects after the jump.

Here is an excerpt from their writeup on Sterling Gibbs, the younger brother of Pitt pg Ashton Gibbs; who reportedly has a very similar game.

A short combo guard who's becoming a full-time PG, Gibbs is hard-nosed and a surprisingly solid, prolific scorer, but minutes may be hard to come by early on.

Finally, German born power forward Martin Breunig, who is probably the most unknown quantity in the class becasue he hasn't been playing on this side of the pond for very long. Breunig doesn't have very much of a National reputation, but Testudo Times seems to have some high hopes for him.

A combo forward, more at home on the outside, with a very high ceiling thanks to his superior size, skill, and athleticism, but his adjustment period may be longer than most.

All in all, it looks like a very solid class. It might not have the top prospects that some programs in the Country are landing, but they seem like guys that fit Gary's plan, and that he can develop during their time here. Which is really his strength anyway.