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'SB Nation Radio,' Episode 22: Is Derrick Williams The Wizards' Future?

As we continue to evaluate the Wizards' draft prospects in the 2011 NCAA Tournament, one man has risen above all the others. Derrick Williams made his case to be a Wizards cornerstone the other night, dominating Duke for 32 points and 13 rebounds in a shocking 93-77 Sweet 16 win for Arizona. Is he now the number one prospect in the NBA Draft? Scott Jackson and Mike Prada discussed that topic in this week's episode of SB Nation Radio on 106.7 The Fan. 

Also, which local team is best equipped to make a deep run in the NCAA Tournament next season? Is it Maryland? George Mason? Georgetown, even with its heavy graduation losses? We discussed that topic in our second segment. We also talked to Byron Kerr of about the Nationals as Opening Day nears and our own Adam Vingan about Alex Ovechkin's injury, Mike Green's troubles and the team in general as it pushes for the postseason. You can catch the show at 8 p.m. Saturday night or 7 a.m. Sunday morning on 106.7 The Fan

Here are this week's segments:

SB Nation Radio Part 1: Derrick Williams on the Wizards?

SB Nation Radio Part 2: Which local team makes a run next year?

SB Nation Radio Part 3: Byron Kerr on the Nationals

SB Nation Radio Part 4: Adam Vingan on the Capitals