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Maryland's Jordan Williams Yet To Decide To Declare For NBA Draft, Gary Williams Says

Earlier Friday, a report surfaced that Maryland's Jordan Williams was "strongly considering" declaring for the NBA Draft. Williams' coach, Gary Williams, has responded to the report, saying that Jordan Williams has yet to make up his mind.

Here's what Gary Williams told Liz Clarke of the Washington Post.

"It's an ongoing process. There hasn't been any decision reached at this point," Gary Williams said in a voicemail. "We're talking with Jordan and just trying to point out all the things that are out there - his opportunities that are there both in college and in the NCAA. This is kind of a different year with a potential lockout."    

Jordan Williams averaged 16.9 points and 11.8 rebounds last season, but he is still projected to be only a borderline first-round pick. The possibility of a work stoppage looms over this as well - while the NBA Draft will happen no matter what, a lockout could wipe away part or all of the ensuing season for rookies like Williams.