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2011 Women's NCAA Tournament: Hoyas Leading Huskies, 35-32, At Halftime

The Georgetown Hoyas are leading UConn 35-32 at the half, thanks in large part to a huge run in the latter part of the first half. Could this be an upset in the making? 

The Hoyas were trailing the Huskies 24-19 when they went on a stunning 14-2 run to pull ahead. Monica McNutt has 11 points at the half, with Latia Magee right behind her with eight points.

The Hoyas know that they are going to have to keep up the pace in the second half if they are to pull off the monster upset of Geno Auriemma's squad.

The key going forward is seeing how the Hoyas will respond to a UConn comeback. This Huskies team is too tough to just let an underdog simply beat them, so they are surely going to make a run to pull even or to take the lead once more. From there it will be up to the Hoyas to respond and go on a similar run in the second half that could potentially put them back on top.

We'll see if they have it in them.