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2011 Women's NCAA Tournament: Georgetown Falls To UConn 68-63

It was a heck of a run for the Lady Hoyas, but their season finally ended after they lost to the Connecticut Huskies 68-63 in a valiant effort in the Sweet 16 of the women's NCAA bracket.

The Hoyas came out of halftime with a slim lead, and you knew the Huskies were going to respond at some point in the second half.

And respond they did, as they went on a 7-0 run to tie the game up with seven minutes remaining. From that point, you knew that the Huskies would take over and simply wear down the Hoyas.

Unfortunately for the Hoyas, they were unable to have that counter run to tie the game back up in the last few minutes of the game. UConn proved too much in the waning moments and because of that, the Hoyas are coming back to D.C.

It was certainly a valiant run in the tournament these Hoyas had.  In the second round of the tournament, they beat a Maryland squad at Comcast Center (essentially a home game) that no one thought they could beat, and then they were able to put up a fight for most of the afternoon against the Huskies.

So while the Hoyas season is now over, they can look back at this run knowing they gave it their all.