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Maryland Continues It's Horrible History Against Miami

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Maryland's loss at Miami last night pretty much kills any fleeting hopes of the Terps earning an at-large berth in the NCAA Tournament and will likely trigger talk of whether the program as a whole is in need of a change. Unless the Terps can roll through the ACC Tournament, they will be heading to their fourth NIT in seven years

For that, we can blame Miami. Or, more accurately, Maryland's shocking inability to win against Miami. Since the Hurricanes joined the ACC prior to the 2004/05 season, they have compiled a 43-67 record in league games and have made the NCAA Tournament just one time. They are not a good basketball program. And yet, with last night's loss, Maryland's record against the Hurricanes since they joined the ACC dropped to 3-7. More shockingly, Maryland has yet to win a road game against the Hurricanes since they joined the league, with last night being its fifth straight loss at Miami.

So if you're wondering what has caused Maryland's downfall, look no further than Miami. At least we now know the solution. All we have to do is convince the ACC to remove the Hurricanes from the league. There. Problem solved!

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