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Maryland Football Spring Practice: Randy Edsall Trying To Pick Up The Pace On Offense

The Maryland football team has a new head coach and two new coordinators. So we don't really know what the team is going to look like on the field, scheme-wise. That's what Spring Practice is for, working out all those kinks and trying to find your identity.

According to Tarik El-Bashir at the Washinton Post, Maryland wants their identity to look a lot like Oregon's. They are trying to emulate the break-neck speed with which the Oregon's offense runs, in the hopes of keeping defenses off balance and unable to react to different packages.

“We’ve watched a little Oregon film, so there’s going to be some influence there,” (QB Danny) O’Brien said. “What we run may be a little different as far as the actual plays, but the style of how we get the play in fast, run more no-huddle, it’s going to be similar to that.”

They won't have the personnel (star RB, mobile QB) to run the types of plays that Oregon runs, but if they can get that fast-pace tempo going, it could be a huge advantage for them.