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'SB Nation Radio', Episode 19: Clinton Portis And The End Of An Era

It was the end of an era in Washington D.C., as the Redskins released three players that were mainstays over the past few years. Andre Carter and Derrick Dockery didn't have a ton of staying power, but the move to let Clinton Portis go, while not surprising, still marks the end of one of the more memorable careers in recent D.C. sports history. 

In that light, we discuss Clinton Portis' legacy in Washington D.C. in this week's episode of SB Nation Radio on 106.7 The Fan. Scott Jackson and Mike Prada bring in Jack Anderson of SB Nation D.C. to add to the discussion after he wrote this piece on Portis. Would Portis be remembered more fondly if there was more stability in the organization? We discuss that issue and more this week.

We also discuss the Redskins' signing of O.J. Atogwe, note the moves the Capitals made on Monday with Adam Vingan of SB Nation D.C. and discuss whether George Mason can follow up its CAA regular-season title with a conference tournament championship. You can also catch the show at 7 a.m. on Sunday morning on 106.7 The Fan.

Here are the segments:

SB Nation Radio Part 1: Mike and Scott on O.J. Atogwe

SB Nation Radio Part 2: Jack Anderson on Clinton Portis' legacy

SB Nation Radio Part 3: Adam Vingan on the Capitals' trade deadline moves

SB Nation Radio Part 4: Bill Rohland on George Mason