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ACC Tournament 2011: Gary Williams Job 'Not In Jeopardy' Regardless Of ACC Tournament Performance

The Maryland Terrapins need to win the 2011 ACC Tournament to make the NCAA Tournament. There is no way that they are going to make the field as an at-large team. But they don't have to win for Gary Williams to keep his job, according to Jeff Barker at the Baltimore Sun. He spoke to Maryland AD Kevin Anderson, who said that Gary's job is safe, "barring unforeseen circumstances."

"His job, based on what happened this year, is definitely not [in] jeopardy," said athletic director Kevin Anderson, who took over at Maryland last fall after nearly six years in the same position at Army. He said Williams, who recently passed the late John Wooden for 22nd on the all-time wins list, would be back, barring unforeseen circumstances. "Gary and I have a good relationship. I like what he's doing on the court."

I know, I know, they just ran Ralph Friedgen out of town after an even better season than Gary just had. But I don't think that Gary's job is on the line at all. He has a pretty good recruiting class coming in and I'm sure the administration would like to have him see that class through. Also, he has a National Championship, which certainly helps.

The Terps need to win the ACC Tournament for a lot of reason, but job security for their head coach is apparently not one of them.