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Cliff Tucker Joins Maryland Football Team As Wide Receiver

If you're a Maryland basketball fan disappointed in the season it had, you probably don't want to see Cliff Tucker anymore. The senior guard was supposed to step up and fill the hole left by Greivis Vasquez, but he instead dealt with bouts of inconsistency and had a poor season. 

But instead, he's baaaack. Tucker has earned a spot on the Maryland football team as a wide receiver. Via Conor Walsh of the Diamondback.

Terp basketball guard Cliff Tucker joined the football team today as a wide receiver, a team spokesman confirmed.    

Tucker actually has a football history, having been a two-star recruit in high school. There was some talk that he would join the team after his high school coach handed Maryland's Randy Edsall some highlights of his play. At 6'6'', Tucker can certainly jump, and the Terps do have a need for more wide receivers. 

I'm just not sure Maryland fans can handle Tucker disappearing in games in another sport.