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Maryland Announces Loss Of 3 Scholarships Due To Academic Performance

The Maryland Terrapins have announced that they have lost three scholarships because of academic performance, according to the Post's Terps Insider:

Terps football will lose three football scholarships next season because of low APR score.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck


Randy Edsall was reportedly very surprised to learn about Maryland's poor academic performance when he first arrived on campus, and this certainly isn't going to quell that concern.

The APR is used to judge academic performance, with the score of 925 being the cut off for schools before being punished. Maryland scored below that mark, notching a 922 score this year. Last year Maryland scored a 929, which was only four points above the cutoff mark. So the Terps were living dangerously even before they had received this punishment.

As explained in the previous update, Maryland was warned in January that they were in danger of losing scholarships, which seemed to stem from the 2009 season where the team went 2-10. They had hoped that a new school president, athletic director, and new head coach could possibly bail them out and make the case for the school to keep their scholarships.

But it wasn't to be, and coach Edsall now needs to climb out of an early hole his program has dug for him already.