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Maryland Basketball Coach Mark Turgeon Does Have Local Recruiting Ties

One of the biggest questions facing new Maryland coach Mark Turgeon is how he will fare in the local recruiting scene. He played his college ball at Kansas, and hasn't really left the Mid-West since then. His recruiting results have been good if not spectacular, but most of his prospects have come from an area of the Country that he might not be recuriting quite as heavily now that he is in College Park.

But he does have at least one local connection, and it is a pretty good one to have. Two years ago he landed DeMatha guard Naji Hibbert, who was a four-star recruit at the time. In fact, DeMatha head coach Mike Jones was one of the first people to say how good of a hire this was on Twitter last night. So he might not have the most local recruiting ties of anyone Maryland could have hired, but he does have one of the most important ones.

But the biggest question at this point in terms of his recruiting is who will be joining him on his staff. If he retains Bino Ranson and Rob Ehsan, Maryland's two biggest recruiters under Gary Williams, some of the questions about his local ties and experience will be mitigated. I'm sure he has his own guys, but he should really consider keeping them on board. Check out Testudo Times for more on this particular aspect of the coaching situation.