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Kevin Anderson Jokes About Maryland Coaching Changes In Mark Turgeon Press Conference

Mark Turgeon gave his introductory press conference as the new Maryland basketball coach earlier Wednesday, in a moment that was only the latest in a year of upheaval at Maryland. Turgeon becomes the latest new face in the program, joining a new president, athletic director, football coach, lacrosse coach and more. 

Much of these things have involved new athletic director Kevin Anderson, who many feel botched the football and basketball head coaching searches. But no matter what you think of Anderson, you have to admit he has a sense of humor. During his opening remarks on Maryland, Anderson made light of all the changes he's involved himself with in his short tenure as AD.

"It feels like deja vu all over again," he said. "I hope, for the last time, that this is the last of us announcing new coaches for a while."    

We hope so too, Kevin. Put it this way: if not, then we'll probably be looking for a new athletic director too.