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Nick Faust Receives Release From Commitment To Maryland Basketball, According To Report

New Maryland basketball coach Mark Turgeon pledged his desire to keep all of Maryland's 2011 recruits in his introductory press conference. Thus far, it looks like he has not succeeded on that goal. Nick Faust, the gem of the Maryland class, has received his release from his commitment, according to Paul Biancardi of ESPN recruiting.

Just spoke w/Nick Faust. Has his release from Maryland.Said "I am going to look at other options ,but I am still going to consider Maryland"    

The fact that he is still considering Maryland is a good sign, but if he leaves, it will rob Maryland of one of their top recruits in a long time. The Baltimore swingman was seen as a major coup for outgoing coach Gary Williams when he elected to come to Maryland. 

Faust is one of three Maryland recruits that have reportedly received releases from their commitment. Sterling Gibbs and Martin Breung have also reportedly asked to reopen their recruiting, though there are conflicting reports for both.