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Nick Faust, Sterling Gibbs Reopen Recruitments After Maryland Basketball Coaching Change

It's now officially confirmed that the two biggest names of the Maryland basketball incoming recruiting class have both received a release on their commitment and can reopen their recruitment in light of the team's coaching switch from Gary Williams to Mark Turgeon. Nick Faust and Sterling Gibbs both personally confirmed this fact to Matt Bracken of the Baltimore Sun.

Both players said they are still considering Maryland, but would like to consider all their options as well in the meantime. Faust declined to specify which teams are interested in him, while Gibbs is reportedly getting consideration from Louisville, Notre Dame, Texas, Seton Hall, Providence and Dayton, according to SNY's Adam Zagoria. Both players said they liked Turgeon, but were still a bit skittish about committing to a program when so much of their decision rested on Williams.

"It was definitely a rough decision because when I signed my letter of intent, I signed with Gary Williams," Gibbs said. "When I heard he retired, it was definitely tough to try to develop a relationship with someone who I don't know and someone who hardly knows me within a couple days."    

A third recruit, German center Martin Breunig, has also requested a release of his commitment, but has not received it yet, according to