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Nick Faust Recommits To Maryland Basketball, According To Report

It's been quite a day for Maryland basketball. First, the Terps lured ace D.C.-area recruiter Dalonte Hill away from Kansas State to be their lead assistant. Now, it looks like they have retained Nick Faust, the gem of the 2011 recruiting class who committed to Gary Williams, then got a release when Williams retired and Mark Turgeon took over.

According to Evan Daniels of Scout, Faust decided to recommit after a meeting with Turgeon.

Now after meeting with Mark Turgeon and his new staff, Faust, a 6-foot-4 four-star guard, has decided to recommit to Maryland.

A source close to the situation confirmed the news.

Faust is a top-75 recruit from Baltimore that could push Sean Mosley and Pe'Shon Howard for a starting spot next year. His recruitment was a big deal because it reestablished a Baltimore pipeline that had gone away in recent years. 

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