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Justin Anderson May Back Out Of Maryland Basketball Commitment To Go To Virginia

It's been a while since we had a nasty local college basketball recruiting war. Gary Williams had a fairly obvious lean against high-profile players from this area, and Virginia hasn't really mattered this decade. But now, Williams has retired and Virginia is starting to become more powerful.

Hence, the recruiting battle that is now going on between the two schools for Justin Anderson, a Montrose Christian junior that is among the top players in his class. Anderson originally committed to Maryland to play for Williams, but after Williams' retirement, he may be rethinking his choice. Via David Teel of the Daily Press.

Justin Anderson's AAU coach, Boo Williams, says it's possible Anderson will switch pledge from #Terps to #UVa. Stay tuned.    

Well, well well. First thing's first: AAU coaches don't always peg their players perfectly, but if this is true, it's definitely a blow to the Terps. That said, it'd be nice to have a Virginia player to boo again.