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Gary Williams Retirement Means Robert Ehsan Will Serve As Acting Maryland Basketball Coach

Gary Williams' retirement has forced Maryland basketball to scramble to find a temporary replacement, given that it is already early-May and usually a surprising time for a coach to retire. In the meantime, assistant coach Robert Ehsan will be the acting coach, according to a report by Patrick Stevens of the Washington Times.

Ehsan has been with the Terps since graduating college from 2005, and has served as an assistant coach. Here is a description of his duties, from the Maryland athletics web site.

After two seasons as a graduate assistant, Ehsan moved in 2008 to the spot of assistant recruiting coordinator. Last season, his areas of responsibilities include working with the department's compliance office, assisting with scheduling and coordinating training and practice schedules.

Ehsan is responsible for maintaining the Terrapins' recruiting database and works closely with the Gary Williams summer camps and golf tournament. 

It is not immediately clear if Ehsan will be a candidate for the coaching job beyond an interim basis.