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Gary Williams Retires, Takes One More Swipe At Former AD Debbie Yow

You knew that the news of Gary Williams' retirement would come with one more little swipe at former Maryland athletic director Debbie Yow, right? Well, here it is. You might remember how Williams and Yow never got along, a fact that was punctuated by Yow, now at North Carolina State, declaring that Williams "sabotaged" her coaching search. Williams mostly stayed quiet when that happened.

And now, he's responded, telling John Feinstein of the Washington Post that Yow essentially caused him to retire.

"I started thinking about it last year after we tied Duke for the ACC title," Williams told The Post's John Feinstein in a telephone interview. "I've been doing this a long time and I thought it might be time to do something else. After [Debbie] Yow left, I thought I might enjoy it more this year and I really did like working with Kevin Anderson. He's a straight shooter.

But I think I'd been worn down by the previous 15 years [with Yow]. It grinds on you.    

Well then. Now we know that it's Debbie Yow that is to blame, not Jordan Williams. I think we can all deal with that.

(In all seriousness: Williams said he was thinking about retiring last year, but decided to stick it out).