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Gary Williams Retirement Concludes Tumultuous Year For Maryland Athletics

Gary Williams' retirement obviously signals a changing of the guard for Maryland basketball, the ACC as a whole and all of college basketball. He's been at Maryland for 22 years, meaning every young adult who is a Maryland fan knows the program only in terms of Gary Williams.

But Williams' departure is only the latest in a string of departures with the Maryland athletic program. As Patrick Stevens of the Washington Times notes, there has been a lot of upheaval at Maryland recently. 

Jobs that have turned over at Maryland in last year: President, athletic director, football coach, men's basketball coach, men's lax coach    

To elaborate:

  • Longtime University president C.D. Mote stepped down in February of 2010. Wallace D. Loh replaced him in August.
  • Debbie Yow, of course, left to become the North Carolina State athletic director in June of 2010. Kevin Anderson replaced her.
  • Ralph Friedgen was let go just before Maryland football's bowl game in December. Randy Edsall replaced him in January.
  • You know about Gary Williams.
  • Dave Cottle did not have his contract renewed after Maryland's lacrosse season in May of 2010. John Tillman replaced him in June, 2010.
So yeah, there's definitely a changing of the guard at Maryland.