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Sterling Gibbs, Nick Faust May Actually Keep Commitments Despite Gary Williams Retiring

Earlier, we noted a report by Adam Zagoria of SNY that Sterling Gibbs and Nick Faust, two of Maryland basketball's top recruits next year, would ask out of their letters of intent with Maryland. However, in an interview with Matt Bracken of the Baltimore Sun, Gibbs said he wasn't so sure about that anymore and simply hadn't made up his mind. 

"Right now I'm not sure what I'm going to do," Gibbs said. "Honestly, it just came as a surprise. When someone mentioned it to me, I honestly just didn't think it was true. I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do right now."    

As for Faust, his AAU coach told Evan Daniels of Scout that all the reports that he has asked out of his letter of intent are "rumors." So maybe both players will end up sticking around after all.

Both players will have to be released from their letters of intent by the school in order to reopen their recruitment. Most schools were disinclined to do this in the past, but they have become more lenient now, to the point where it's mostly a formality if the coach leaves and the player does ask. 

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