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Gary Williams On His Retirement: 'This Is My Decision, But It's Not A Quick Decision'

Gary Williams gave a press conference to formally announce his retirement as the head coach at the University of Maryland after 22 years. He seemed close to tears on several occasions, as several fans came and cheered for him at the Comcast Center. Here is a transcript of key remarks. The press conference was televised on Comcast SportsNet and elsewhere.

Williams on his decision.

"This is my decision, but it's not a quick decision. It's been a decision I've thought about for a while."

Williams on Maryland fans.

"Sometimes, you don't get the credit, because of where we are. But believe me. I get a chance to see a lot of different places, and I certainly appreciated what the fans have given over the years."

Williams on why he's retiring now.

"I feel like I still could coach. But at the same time, you realize there are other things out there ... This gives me a chance, while I'm relatively healthy, to do some things."

Williams on his role in picking his successor

"Whatever he wants me to do, I'll help. The bottom line is this program is in capable hands. Our current players are going to do an outstanding job and I'm very confident we can be a program that you all will be confident in the future."

Williams on his biggest accomplishment

"The one thing that we can hang our hat on with all my coaches, players. In the last 12 years, in conference play, we have the second most wins behind Duke going into this past season."

Williams on why he took the job in 1989
"When the MD job did open up, it really wasn't a lot of thought involved to come here, because this is my school. That stays with you for the rest of your life. I figured I'd give it a shot ... I was a little surprised w/ situation here, but at same time, that was my deal. I chose to come here."


Williams on whether Jordan Williams' decision to leave meant anything

"Jordan Williams had no effect on my decision."

Williams on why he decided to stick around one more year.

"[The 2010] team probably played and executed as well as the title team. I really thought that team was good enough to get to the Final Four. That gave me confidence that I could still get it done."

Williams on why this is an elite coaching job

"We play in a great league. Check who has won the most national championships the last 10 years and check who's won the most NCAA Tourney games in last 20 years. That's where we live."

President Wallace Loh on Williams' departure

"The key factor in the rise of the University of Maryland is Gary."