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Is Maryland Waiting On A Mystery Candidate To Be Next Terps Coach?

What would a coaching search at the University of Maryland be without some mystery and intrigue?

According to the latest from the Baltimore Sun's Jeff Barker, Sean Miller is indeed a candidate to replace Gary Williams, but he is perhaps not the lead candidate to do so. There appears to be a mystery candidate high atop Athletic Director's Kevin Anderson's wish list, and the school is awaiting word from this mystery man before moving forward:

Maryland has compiled a short list of candidates to replace retiring basketball coach Gary Williams and is waiting to hear back from one contender to gauge his interest in the job, according to a source with knowledge of the seach.

The list includes Arizona coach Sean Miller, the source confirmed.

But Miller is not the candidate that Maryland is waiting on, and Maryland said it would be incorrect to label Miller as a frontrunner although he is clearly in play.

So, who is this masked avenger, er, coaching candidate? A certain DeMatha guy with strong ties to the area, perhaps? Well, whoever this guy is, I sure hope someone still remembers to pick up Miller at BWI when he lands tonight.