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Terrell Stoglin Loved Gary Williams, Could Possibly Transfer From Maryland Basketball?

Bruce Pascoe, in performing his due diligence for the Arizona Daily Star on the possible "Sean Miller to Maryland" rumors, took the first step in asking what a lot of local media members have been asking since word first leaked yesterday afternoon of Gary Williams' retirement: will the iconic coach's departure from College Park mean the loss of players from the Terrapins roster?

Well, Pascoe has perhaps a first taste of what may occur:

I called Jim Ferguson, Terrell Stoglin's coach at Santa Rita HS, to see what the early reaction was. Ferguson said he had not talked with Stoglin yet but that the player "loved" Williams and told a Maryland assistant coach he might not stay if the assistant was not retained.

But Ferguson said he was told whoever takes the Maryland job will "work real hard to keep him."

If Maryland Athletic Director Kevin Anderson is indeed moving as quickly as we have been led to believe to replace Williams, perhaps with the Wildcats' Miller, than it is entirely possible the Maryland players won't even have a weekend to ponder the "transfer or not" conversation in their heads before a young, fiery Gary 2.0 shows up on campus.