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Brad Stevens, Mike Brey Reportedly Leading Candidates For Maryland Basketball Coaching Job

With the news that Sean Miller has signed a contract extension with Arizona and turned down an offer to become the next Maryland basketball head coach, athletic director Kevin Anderson must now focus his search elsewhere. In the immediate aftermath of Miller's decision, it appears the Terps are targeting Butler's Brad Stevens and Notre Dame's Mike Brey.

FOX Sports' Jeff Goodman and ESPN's Andy Katz are both reporting that the Terps may reach out to Stevens next. Via Katz.

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, Anderson is next likely target will be Butler's Brad Stevens, who is fresh off consecutive national championship game appearances. Stevens was wooed a year ago, notably by Oregon, but stayed in his native Indiana. If Stevens says no then Maryland native Mike Brey of Notre Dame and Mark Turgeon of Texas A&M are expected to be next on the list.    

Meanwhile, Steve Yanda of the Washington Post is reporting that Maryland is scheduling a meeting with current Notre Dame basketball coach Mike Brey on Sunday.