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Mike Brey Does Not Meet With Maryland Officials, No Longer Candidate In Coaching Search

The Washington Post's Terrapins Insider is confirming that Notre Dame coach Mike Brey is no longer a candidate for the men's basketball coaching job at the University of Maryland. Brey apparently chose to not even have a meeting with Maryland officials before making his decision.

Mike Brey won’t be Maryland’s next basketball coach, a source close to the process of finding Gary Williams’s successor said Sunday.

Brey was crossed off the list of potential candidates before having a formal conversation with Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson because he’s committed to remaining at Notre Dame following the Irish’s 27-7 season, which earned him Big East Coach of the Year honors, the source said.

After a weekend that saw Sean Miller, Brad Stevens and now Brey turn down the opportunity to be head coach of the Terrapins, Athletic Director Kevin Anderson needs a Plan B (or, honestly, what is it, a Plan D by now?). His plan? To meet Monday with school President Wallace Loh, identifying a new, short list of key names Anderson feels would be good replacements for departed coach Gary Williams. And who would be on this new, improved, "ignore the fact that the top three names are crossed out" list of names?

"I don’t believe it’s going to be a long process," said Maryland Athletic Director Kevin Anderson on Sunday. "We’re doing our due diligence, making sure we’re going to hire the right person. "We’re just not going to panic and pick somebody who might not be the best fit for Maryland. We’re going to look at the whole person.

Here’s what I’m looking for: Someone with most, if not all, of the qualities Gary Williams possessed."

Kevin Anderson, that is not helpful at all. That is the quote of a very confused individual. Either figure out how to clone your now ex-coach, or come up with a viable list of alternatives tomorrow before you end up with college basketball's version of Randy Edsall. And enough egg on your face to make a Friedgen-sized omelette.