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2011 NBA Draft Sleeper: Jordan Williams

Bad news: Jordan Williams is no longer a first round lock in the 2011 NBA Draft. Good news: ESPN Stats & Info thinks the Maryland Terrapins product could end up as one of the best bargains in the draft.

Surely, Williams would rather take the guaranteed money that comes with a first-round selection, but the prospect of immediate rotation minutes on a contender and career longevity isn't a terrible consolation prize.

Hit the jump to see why the stat-heads think Williams could follow in the footsteps of Landry Fields, Paul Millsap and Monta Ellis to become 2011-12's surprise impact rookie.

Among these four players, Williams has the best chance to play consistent minutes on a good team. The sophomore has one great skill as a rebounder that will allow a coach to put him in just for that. His strength and size will also allow him to defend many NBA big men. Offensively, he will be opportunistic around the basket and safe with the ball.

Flattering, indeed.

There are plenty of NBA teams looking for size, and Williams will be able to provide that. While he was the focal point for the Terrapins this past season, his skill-set will allow him to help his new team right away, without stealing possessions from more talented and polished pros.