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EA Sports NCAA Football '12 Rankings Leaked, Kenny Tate, Danny O'Brien Head List

Are you excited for EA Sports NCAA Football '12 yet? If not, you can be now that some of the rankings were leaked in a series of videos on If you slow down the videos, you can see the ratings for every single player on every single team. The names are not on there, of course, but we took the liberty of looking up the numbers for the corresponding players.

So, without further ado, here are the rankings for the starting lineup for your Maryland Terrapins:

QUARTERBACK: Danny O'Brien (89). Note: Backup Troy Jones is an 83.

RUNNING BACK: Davin Meggett (88), D.J. Adams (81)

FULLBACK: Listed as Joshua Rushing (76), even though he's a linebacker

WIDE RECEIVER: Quintin McCree (81), Ronnie Tyler (81)

TIGHT END: Matt Furstenburg (81)

OFFENSIVE LINE: R.J. Dill (83), Andrew Gonnella (82), Bennett Fulper (81), Alvin Thomas (78), Nick Kelmm (78)

DEFENSIVE LINE: Joe Vellano (83), A.J. Francis (81), Justin Anderson (78), Bradley Johnson (74)

LINEBACKER: Demetrius Hartsfield (86), Darin Drakeford (80), David Mackall (78)

CORNERBACK: Cameron Chism (83), Trenton Hughes (80)

SAFETY: Kenny Tate (90, despite being listed as a LB), Matt Robinson (82)

KICKER: Nick Ferrara (83)