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2011 NBA Draft: Jordan Williams Works Out For Washington Wizards

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Jordan Williams' whirlwind workout tour to prepare for the 2011 NBA Draft stopped in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, as Williams worked out for the Washington Wizards. Williams said it was his "eighth or ninth workout," with another eight or nine to go. But Williams certainly appears ready for it, saying he's lost 18-19 pounds since his final game at Maryland in March.

"I lost about 18, 19 pounds [from the end of the year]. Just eating right, working out at the same time," he said. "In college, I didn't really eat that good. Traveling, being on the road all the time, you kind of just eat what's fastest. So I think I just took the time to eat smarter."

Williams even admitted he may have lost too much weight, but has worked in more muscle and now feels better than ever. He felt good about his workout with the Wizards, saying his "shots were falling" today. Williams has tried to show teams that he can play on the perimeter like power forwards need to do now in the NBA.

"I'm a little too small to play the five (center) position in the NBA, and everyone knows that," Williams said. "So I have to show I can play the four (power forward)."

Williams was also asked whether he consulted with recently-retired coach Gary Williams before making his decision. He told the assembled media that he "absolutely" did, and that they had "really good communication" the whole time. But later, in the same interview with the Washington Post in which he was quoted (potentially inaccurately) as saying ESPN's Scott Van Pelt influenced his decision to go pro, Jordan Williams said he hasn't spoken to Gary Williams since he made up his mind. Jordan Williams also said he left in March to start training for the draft and asked his teachers to take an "incomplete" for all his classes so he could go back and take them over the summer.

"Sometimes, the tough decision is the best decision," he said.