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Maryland Football Projecting 'Modest Bump' In Ticket Sales For 2011

As long as Maryland football exists, the bottom line (i.e., money) will always be a tenuous subject. One of the key measures tied to that, of course, is season ticket sales, which has always been an issue.

On that front, Eric Prisbell of the Washington Post has some mostly good news. Prisbell reports Maryland is expected to sell more tickets this year than last year. Prisbell reports that the Terps have already nearly reached last year's level (19,000 tickets), and still have some time left to sell more.

With nearly two months left until the season opener against Miami on Labor Day, indications are that the Terrapins could see modest gains in season ticket sales this season. One year after Maryland sold a little more than 19,000 season tickets, athletic department officials say the school has sold 18,400 to date for the 2011 season and is projecting to sell 21,000.

So at least the Terps have stopped their six-year decline in ticket sales. Of course, the flip side of this argument is that selling more tickets in the first year under a new coach is expected, and you'd think there'd be more of a bump than this. It'll be interesting to see whether this trend continues in Randy Edsall's second, third and fourth seasons on the job.