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Gregg Doyel Sort Of Admits His Criticism Of Gary Williams Was Over The Top

When Gary Williams and Debbie Yow were having their public feud over the N.C. State coaching search last April, CBS Sports columnist Gregg Doyel took Yow's side and called Williams a "little tiny coward runt of a man." Yeah, I'd say that's over the top.

Nearly four months later, it appears Doyel has sort of reached the same conclusion. In an interview on 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore, Doyel said he was out of line. Via the Baltimore Sun:

"I was saying something about Gary Williams, unfortunately, that I shouldn't have said," Doyel said. "I went too far and got angry and made a jerk out of myself. I was quoting a line from a movie -- and I said that, ‘I'm quoting a line from a movie' -- ‘Far and Away' where the guy spouted off all this stuff. Everything I saw ... it was, unfortunately, my interview was transcribed. It was stupid. I mean, I was an idiot that day."

Of course, Doyel then proceeded to defend himself for being an idiot that day.

"But the point is, everybody left off the part where I'm quoting from a movie when I say the following and they just quoted me saying the following. I was quoting from a movie! Anyway, I now understand what people say when they say, ‘Aw, I was quoted out of context.' Sometimes context matters a little bit."

Never change, Gregg. Actually, please change. Please change a lot.