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ACC Kickoff 2011: Commissioner John Swofford Says College Football Is At 'Crossroads'

ACC commissioner John Swofford spent most of his media address at the 2011 ACC football kickoff event in Pinehurst, N.C. talking about the state of the game. Noting the scandals that have rocked college football in the past year, Swofford said the game is at a "crossroads" and changes need to be made.

Swofford suggested that too much emphasis is placed on the "commercial" success and not enough on academic success. Via Patrick Stevens of the Washington Times:

Swofford: "I think winning is really important. But if you have to cheat to win, you really haven't won at all, have you?"

Swofford didn't offer many concrete ideas, besides saying that "tweaking is not enough." But one idea he did pose was to change the nature of scholarships, to the point where they would be two-year grants with the option for a two-year renewal afterwards.

For the full list of Swofford's comments, visit Stevens' Twitter feed.