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ACC Kickoff 2011: Randy Edsall's New Late Policy Doesn't Sound Fun

ACC Football Kickoff 2011 began Sunday, with Maryland football stars Danny O'Brien and Kenny Tate taking the stand earlier. Normally, these are pretty vanilla interviews, and there isn't a lot to be gleaned out of it. That wasn't exactly the case with O'Brien and Tate, though. Both revealed coach Randy Edsall's new policy if a player misses a meeting, and it doesn't sound fun.

Via Testudo Times, here's O'Brien's take:

"Oh, it does [give an incentive to not be late]. The punishment is unbelievable. It's 300 flight of stairs if you miss a meeting. Knock on wood, I haven't missed one yet, I don't plan to."

So, 300 flights of stairs, huh? Sounds like fun! I guess Edsall is really driving the point home that you can't be late to a meeting. Heck, Tate sounded spooked by the policy.

Kenny Tate: [dead blank stare] "Don't miss a meeting. ... Hopefully, knock on wood, I don't miss a meeting. I'm not trying to run 300 stairs. That just doesn't sound good." 

I blame Edsall if Tate suffers from nightmares this season.