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Miami Football Investigation Ongoing, Could Dramatically Affect Maryland's First Opponent Of 2011

Miami, who is scheduled to be Maryland's first opponent in 2011, is looking at possible NCAA violations that could hamper the program.

When the University of Maryland football team squares off against the University of Miami for their September 5 season opener, it could be against a program facing severe charges from the NCAA. Miami football is the subject of an NCAA investigation after former University of Miami booster Nevin Shapiro, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for running a $930 million ponzi scheme, alleged that he gave improper gifts and services to dozens of football players at the U during his association with the University. 

The NCAA responded to these allegations by launching an investigation of the storied Miami football program, and all recent reports indicate that the hammer will swing down hard on Coral Gables. CBS Sports college football writer Brett McMurphy tweeted the following: 

Miami source on severity of what's going to hit the fan at UM. "Between a 1 & 10, it's a 10."    

It's still unknown if any possible sanctions would impact this coming season for the Hurricanes, but things are not looking good.

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