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Haukur Palsson Leaves Maryland Basketball To Pursue Pro Career In Europe

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Haukur Palsson, who would be a rising sophomore on the Maryland basketball team, is leaving the Terrapins to pursue a pro career in Europe. A native of Iceland, the forward's departure leaves Maryland with only eight players under scholarship and renders them especially short-handed in their front court. 

New Maryland head coach Mark Turgeon had already spoken of using a four-guard lineup on a regular basis before Palsson's departure was made known. With the forward gone overseas, Maryland has even less front court talent to go along with its guard-heavy roster.

Turgeon is concerned about Maryland's depth going forward, especially considering that two of the three forwards under scholarship for the Terps are senior Berend Weijs and redshirt freshman Ashton Pankey, who played a combined 26 minutes all of last season. The only returning big man with any kind of experience is James Padgett, a rising junior who will likely be forced into the starting lineup after playing only about nine minutes per game last season. 

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