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PHOTO: All Four New Maryland Football Uniform Colors In One Shot


So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen: the four colors of the new Maryland football jerseys. The team unveiled 16 different combinations, relying on four colors (red, white, black and gold) as the base for the jerseys. To review, here are the 16 different color combinations:

  1. Red top/white pants
  2. Red top/red pants
  3. Red top/black pants
  4. Red top/gold pants
  5. White top/red pants
  6. White top/white pants
  7. White top/black pants
  8. White top/gold pants
  9. Black top/red pants
  10. Black top/white pants
  11. Black top/black pants
  12. Black top/gold pants
  13. Gold top/white pants
  14. Gold top/red pants
  15. Gold top/black pants
  16. Gold top/gold pants

Thoughts, folks? Honestly, it's still a bit of a blur for me. A couple of them looked really good (the black/gold combo is kind of sweet), whereas I'm really not that wild about any of the red ones. Either way, everything looks good when the team is winning, so let's hope for some wins.

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