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PHOTO: New Maryland Football Uniform Helmet Has 'Turtle' Shells


The new Maryland football uniforms debuted Monday night to mixed reviews, which is putting it pretty kindly. While most locally were a fan of some of the combinations (i.e. the black jersey/black pants one), many nationally scoffed at them. "Mixed reviews" is also probably the best way to describe this new white helmet.

The helmet, which was tweeted out by new coach Randy Edsall, is actually turtle-themed. All those round drawings you see are supposed to be turtle shells. The design is in line with the local diamondback terrapin that is the school's nickname. The design is split by the colors of the Maryland flag down the middle, allowing all parts of the state to show itself in one helmet design.

It's certainly a bold design. It's also a design that doesn't feature the team's logo, and while I can't fault the creativity, something feels a bit wrong about that.

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