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Miami Football May Rule 12 Players Ineligible Before Season Opener Vs. Maryland, Then Appeal To Reinstate Them

The Miami Herald is reporting that Miami football will attempt to rule the 12 current players mentioned in Yahoo! Sports' report with ties to booster Nevad Shapiro ineligible prior to the team's season opener vs. Maryland on September 5. However, this move would really be a preemptive one that would allow the university to appeal their suspensions and potentially get them reinstated.

Via the report:

If it hasn't already, the University of Miami is expected to declare the 12 or more football players being investigated by the NCAA ineligible within the next week if the school wants the NCAA to rule on their reinstatement in time for the season opener Sept. 5 at Maryland.

Miami also can choose to let some or all of the players participate, but if they are found to have violated NCAA rules, the university would risk stiffer penalties.

To sum it up: if Miami rules the players ineligible themselves, they can appeal to the NCAA for an ultimate decision on how many games they would sit out. Sometimes, the NCAA will let them off with no penalty, like with Cam Newton last season. Sometimes, they will let them off with a shorter suspension, like with the Ohio State players. If Miami lets them play, though, and they are found to have violated some rules, the NCAA would hand down a much harsher penalty.

The 12 players named in the Yahoo! report are quarterback Jacory Harris, wide receivers Travis Benjamin and Aldarius Johnson, tight end Dyron Dye, defensive linemen Marcus Forston, Adewale Ojomo and Oliver Vernon, linebackers Sean Spence and Marcus Robinson, cornerback JoJo Nicolas and safeties Ray-Ray Armstrong and Vaughn Telemaque.