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Jacory Harris Among Eight Miami Players Declared Ineligible Prior To Season Opener Vs. Maryland, According To Report

As of right now, it looks like Miami football will declare eight of the 12 current players mentioned in the Yahoo! Sports investigation involving booster Nevad Shapiro and illegal benefits ineligible. According to a report in the Miami Herald, the eight players include quarterback Jacory Harris.

It's not clear who the other seven are, but all this means is that the NCAA's decision-making process can now begin. The school will now have a chance of having those eight players be reinstated to play in the September 5 opener against Maryland. The NCAA will now review each of the eight players and determine whether to hand down a suspension or reinstate them.

Miami has decided that the other four players involved in the report were given no more than $100 and can repay those deeds to charity.

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