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Jacory Harris Expects To Play Vs. Maryland, Despite Being Ruled Ineligible

Miami football has already ruled eight players ineligible for their season opener against Maryland on September 5 in an attempt to get the NCAA to appeal the suspensions. One of the players that was reportedly ruled ineligible was quarterback Jacory Harris. In an interview with the Associated Press, Harris said he expects the NCAA to reinstate him in time for the September 5 game.

Seeming upbeat as usual, Miami quarterback Jacory Harris did not hesitate when asked about the fast-approaching start of the Hurricanes' season.

"I expect to play," Harris said. "Yes, sir."

Miami has reportedly asked the NCAA to rule quickly on the eight ineligible players. Declaring the players ineligible allows the NCAA to step in and rule on them. Had Miami not declared the players ineligible, the NCAA likely would have handed down even harsher penalties.

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